Arcadian Services

Arcadian Services, a car wash and industrial cleaning supplies manufacturer, had the perfect storm of problems that affected their online competitiveness and sales: an outdated website with poor navigation, inadequate content, a lack of search engine optimization, and a plethora of overseas competitors. By developing a fully revamped website, we were able to improve Arcadian’s online presence which lead to a significant increase in site traffic and a refreshed look for their brand.


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Arcadian’s original website didn’t have a lot of information about the products and their usage applications, which made it difficult for customers to identify the chemicals that would meet their needs or work with their car wash equipment. The website also lacked essential search engine optimization, a necessary component to gain new customers and put Arcadian Services on a more level playing field as their competitors.


The company’s website redesign had four primary objectives: search engine optimization, more and better information about their products, improved navigation, and updated copy throughout to showcase the company’s unique offerings. To begin, we created individual product pages to increase the amount of content available to search engines. The individual pages also gave the company a better way to communicate details about each of their car wash chemicals, as we were able to create an application filter to help users quickly find the product that meets their exact needs. As part of the redesign, we focused on showing Arcadian’s products in use by including several videos and updated images throughout the site. Copy was updated to highlight the fact that Arcadian manufactures all their chemicals in the USA, making them unique within their industry.


Arcadian Services’ revamped site dramatically increased its site visitors and user engagement, gave a better customer experience, and boosted the brand’s overall online presence. Arcadian Services now has a site that serves as a digital catalog, which makes it easier to share content with customers and saves money on shipping printed catalogs. They are able to share specific information with their distributors through a password-protected distributor portal, streamlining access to updated pricing and marketing information. Arcadian is now able to compete with well-known international brands in the car wash equipment and chemical industry.

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